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How much can food delivery drivers earn?

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Is delivering food a good job to have?

For many people it's the ideal job! Leaving aside the fact that you'll probably have to buy your own insurance and provide your own transport the pay can be quite good considering that much of the work is part-time.

So how much can I expect to earn?

According to industry review site drivers at Just Eat can average £15 per hour, but pay can go up to £30 an hour. You can be a salaried worker if you live in Birmingham, Brighton, Cambridge, Liverpool, London; or an independent one, getting paid per delivery, with flexible working hours.

They are an expanding company too, with plans to invest over £100 million pounds in the North East, creating more than 1500 jobs, with most people working from home at first; and they offer a full training program so long term prospects should be good! Just Eat may be able to provide you with a scooter if you don't have transport.

Deliveroo doesn't seem to be as well paid; with a pay average, for delivery staff quoted at £9 an hour it's not fantastic money. There are other opportunities there, though, apart from food delivering; the whole industry relies on high tech to keep up with the thousands of food outlets they deal with, and the millions of meals that are ordered, so they reckon they will be needing 400 techies over the next couple of years. If you want part time job to help you through university it may be a good ground floor opportunity.

The pay for Domino's Pizza delivery jobs is, it seems, worse still; with a quoted average of £8 per hour. Do bear in mind, too, that you may be expected to work some long hours if there is a shortage of drivers, and if you use your own car, yes you will get an allowance for fuel, but you can clock up quite a lot of miles. You'll probably be expected to help out in the shop between deliveries too, but if you're a pizza fan the odd free meal may be available!

So; if you are looking for a long term career Just Eat may be a good company to apply to. They have ambition and lots of financial muscle behind them. Then again, it seems that Deliveroo provide some help towards getting insured but JustEat don't; so if you are just starting up and short of cash the others may be a worth applying to, as well.

Whoever you work for, though, you'll need to have insurance that covers food deliveries, whether you use a car, a van, a scooter or even a little moped. There's no point going to Moneysupermarket or Comparethemarket and expecting 100 companies to offer you quotes; the vast majority of insurers don't want to know about food delivery insurance, they prefer to concentrate on the mass market.

The normal social, domestic and pleasure policy will only cover you for normal, everyday driving and even a business policy won't either cover you for any type of delivery work. You not only need a policy called 'Courier Insurance' but it also has to be one that specifically allows for multiple deliveries of hot food. Sounds complicated? it's not really, it's quite simple to set up so get quotes now!


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